High Velocity Mini-Ducts


High velocity, mini-duct systems are a way of handling and delivering cool and/or warm air throughout your home. They are a great solution if you live in a home with old brick walls, wood beams, open floor plans, or new construction. The sleek and flexible design of mini-ducts are made to maneuver around many obstructions where typical air ducts won’t fit. Mini-ducts eliminate unsightly registers and radiators and more evenly circulate air. The systems are installed in new homes and can easily be retrofitted into older homes during renovation. 

With over 30 years of experience in the air conditioning and heating industry, MDi HVAC & Plumbing, LLC has the skills, training, and expertise to install high velocity mini-duct systems in the most discreet manner.  

High velocity mini-duct systems
High velocity mini-duct systems

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners might hesitate at a high velocity system due to it being substantially more expensive to buy and install than a standard central A/C unit. However, the average cost to run a high velocity system with small ducts is substantially lower, which can add up to big benefits and savings on monthly utility bills. According to a recent ENERGY STAR publication, up to 20% of conditioned air might escape from traditional ducts, but a high velocity system with mini ducts might have air loss of 5% or less, a distinct advantage. A 25% savings on the usage cost means that a high velocity system will eventually pay for itself in lowered utility bills.

Appearance Matters

The look of a high velocity system is one of its many advantages for homeowners. In historic homes, installing ductwork might disturb tray ceilings or decorative moldings, but the small ducts from a high velocity system are barely noticeable. They take up much less space than radiators or standard vents and don’t take away cubic space, making a high velocity system a smart solution that delivers plenty of cool or hot air. In historic homes, it’s particularly important to consider a high velocity option that won’t disturb interior details. Some homes are even protected, forcing homeowners to choose small systems with a minimal visible footprint.

Quick to Heat & Cool

Air moves at high velocity through the small ducts in a mini duct system, creating constant air movement. The quick movement of the air helps cool off large and small spaces rapidly. Some users even recommend leaving the thermostat a little higher when using a high velocity system because a higher temperature often feels cooler when combined with the air movement.

Improved Air Quality

One of the other advantages and benefits of this high powered system with more air velocity is better air quality. Because the air has more velocity and power when moving through the mini ducts, it carries away dust and debris, preventing it from building up. In traditional ducts with lower velocity, dust can settle in the ducts and blow out into every room with a vent. The velocity in a traditional system is approximately 500-600 feet per minute. A high velocity unit delivers around 1,500 feet per minute, even with mini vents.

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