Maintenance Agreements


Preventative maintenance is all about being proactive rather than reactive. Commercial HVAC assets are not cheap and are critical in keeping your customers and employees comfortable and happy.  A commercial HVAC preventative maintenance program can help identify and anticipate inefficiency issues or potential problems, giving you the opportunity to resolve a minor issue before it turns into a major one.  The process of regular “check-ups” and minor repairs could extend the life of your equipment anywhere between 8-15 years.

Keeping your equipment running for as long as possible is our main goal.  Working against you is the natural wear and tear of mechanical operation. This leads to your commercial HVAC equipment having to work much harder and longer to create the same amount of heating and cooling, depleting the equipment’s integrity.  Without proper maintenance, this vicious cycle will continue until the equipment burns out and fails; resulting in heating or cooling downtime along with the potential of costly repairs or replacements.

MDi HVAC & Plumbing, LLC has a wealth of experience and will look at and evaluate your HVAC asset list to help develop a customized program that fits you best. Lean on our expertise for advice and education for all your HVAC needs.

Commercial HVAC System

Not all businesses require the same needs for their HVAC systems.  Program cost is dependent on your unique system and HVAC components involved.  Call us today for a personalized Preventative Maintenance Program quote.

Our Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program includes:

  • A fixed annual fee to fit your system and budget – You determine you length of membership (1, 2 or 3 years) which will set your hourly rate and % discount on materials.
  • All memberships include no overtime fees for after hours and weekend calls.
  • Regular scheduled visits with automatic appointment reminders – We will call to schedule your regular equipment maintenance.  Depending on your equipment, preventative maintenance appointments take place annually, biannually, quarterly or monthly.
  • Preferred scheduling on emergent visits
  • Analysis of system operations by trained professionals to avoid unexpected and expensive repairs
  • System Inspection and Tune Up
  • Computerized record of your maintenance history
  • 15% Discount on all MDi provided services including home repairs and renovations, and cleaning services.
  • No repairs or improvements will be undertaken without your prior authorization.

Examples of our Commercial Procedures include:

  • Coils and cabinets inspected and cleaned
  • Drain pans and condensate lines cleared of obstructions
  • Compressor inspected
  • Fan motor and blades inspected and lubricated
  • Control box, switches, wiring, and safety controls inspected
  • Refrigerant level is measured and recharged if necessary
  • Blower assembly checked and cleaned
  • Belts lubricated or replaced
  • Combustion blower housing cleaned
  • Evaporator coil, drip pan, and condensate lines cleaned and cleared
  • Burner assembly inspected and cleaned
  • Ignition system cleaned
  • Safety controls tested
  • Heat exchanger inspected
  • Flue system checked for dislocations and wear
  • Control box, wiring, and connections checked and tightened
  • Air filter replaced or cleaned
  • Duct system checked

Examples of our Commercial Restaurant Equipment Procedures include:

  • Line Cooler Preventative Inspection/Cleaning
  • Line Freezer Preventative Inspection/Cleaning
  • Walk-in Cooler Preventative Inspection/Cleaning
  • Routine Ice Machine Inspection/Cleaning
  • Gas Stove/Griddle Preventative Inspection
  • Steam Table Preventative Check
  • Bain-Marie Preventative Inspection
  • Water Filtration Inspection
  • Deep Fryer Preventative Inspection
  • Gasket Preventative Inspection/Cleaning
  • Heating & Cooling Preventative Maintenance