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Ductwork is no longer being hidden behind walls and in crawl spaces. Cleverly created duct layouts have actually become part of the interior design! The installation of commercial ductwork can be a challenge, particularly in projects requiring retrofit into older buildings. Tradeoffs between system efficiency, cost of the project, and the aesthetics of the building will all affect the final design of the ductwork, as well as the choice and positioning of heating and cooling systems.

HVAC ducts were originally designed to efficiently move air between interior spaces of a building. But ductwork has become much more than that over the years. With open-concept buildings, HVAC ductwork is exposed, serving as an integral part of the interior design. Our custom ductwork service allows MDi HVAC & Plumbing, LLC the ability to create great looking duct systems, specifically designed for your particular space. 

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Custom Interior Ductwork and Design
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At MDi HVAC & Plumbing, LLC, we understand that businesses can’t afford to have their HVAC systems go down. Losing heat in the winter and cooling in the summer can make the indoor environment unbearable for your workers and customers. If you’re looking to upgrade from an aged commercial unit, want to install a new system, or need maintenance or repairs, call on us at MDi HVAC & Plumbing, LLC.