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Hydronic heating has become more commonplace in commercial applications, with a variety of installation options for this efficient, low-temperature, comfortable heating alternative.  MDi HVAC & Plumbing, LLC has a vast amount of experience installing these systems and our technicians are factory-trained in industry-standard best practices.

Hydronic heat, using warm water running through pipes in the floor, has become an efficient and cost-effective choice for commercial and industrial facilities. Using an industrial boiler and a variety of mixing valves and manifolds, low-temperature warm water is delivered to a series of flexible, durable “PEX” tubing running through the floors. Most commonly these tubes are embedded in an insulated, lightweight concrete slab for highest efficiency.

hydronic system


The single most important element that a heating system must give you and your family is comfort. Hydronic heating takes "comfortable" to a new level with the ability to create multiple zones, heated floors, balanced humidity levels, and a quieter operation.

Safe & Healthy

With most heating systems there is a risk of exposed flames or fire hazards, but with hydronic heating systems, there are no such risks since they are completely sealed. They are dust and allergen-free and pose no potential leaks of any kind that might cause harm.


Hydronic heat is more efficient than traditional air heating. First, water is a better heat conductor than air, allowing warmth to more easily transfer throughout the home, utilizing less energy. In addition, forced air units create pressure, which pushes heat out through the gaps in insulation. Hydronic radiant heating has been shown to produce comfortable living conditions at a 20-40% lower cost than traditional heat systems.

Versatile Installation

The versatility of installing hydronic heating allows business owners to design a system around their needs. Whether your local fuel source is propane, natural gas, electricity, or oil, you will be able to find a hydronic boiler that works for you. Hydronic piping can be placed in the walls and easily routed around a business or building, unlike traditional systems that require extensive ductwork and return air systems.

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